2019 Kids Art Classes

Click the picture for registration form and pricing for youth classes at the gallery

Click the picture for registration form and pricing for youth classes at the gallery

Fall session
August 19th thru December 13th

No class Thanksgiving week

Classes introduce students of all ages to different art media and techniques.  Students are placed in classes based on age and ability.  Students increase their visual perception, confidence, listening skills, problem solving abilities, and increase there self esteem in our program.

Youth weekly classes  are available for students 3 years old and up during the school year via 16 week sessions.  Students may start at any point during the session with tuition prorated.

Younger students develop fine motor skills and explore their creativity through age appropriate drawing, painting, oil pastel,clay dough, paper cache, construction and a wide variety of fun activities.

Older Students learn the fundamentals of design and composition.  We encourage exploration of different techniques and mediums such as charcoal, pencil, color pencil, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, pastel-oil, chalk, and water-soluble ,watercolor pencils, sculpture, and oil paint. 

Pre-k -1st grade - Art Fun- Class encourages creativity while developing small motor skills, listening skills, and gaining self esteem through a variety of activities and media including drawing, water color painting, tempera painting, finger painting, markers, crayons, play dough, printing, fabric, collage, construction, puzzles and art games. Class teaches colors, shapes, patterns, proper pencil and scissor handling.

Friday              4:00pm-5:00pm

Any Age- These offered for children and/or parents that cannot make an age grouped class.  We cover the same projects as the class below, k-6th grade.  Parents may work on their own projects or joint projects with their children. 

Tuesday            6:30-7:30pm
Thursday          6:30-7:30pm

K-6th Grade- Multi Media one-Students are challenged thru a wide variety of media as they learn the fundamentals of drawing, shading, value, perspective, design, composition and elementary color theory. Media include pencil, watercolor, watercolor pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, clay, paper mache, carving, string art, glass painting, etc.

Monday 4:00pm-5:00pm
Tuesday         4:00pm-5:00pm

Wednesday   4:30pm-5:30pm or 4:00-5:30pm
Thursday       4:00pm-5:00pm
Friday            4:00pm-5:00pm

6th grade & up- Drawing & Painting- Older students concentrate on fundamentals of design, composition, perspective, shading, value, sighting & referencing, and color theory using pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, watercolor pencil, and acrylic. 

Tuesday         5:30pm-6:30pm
Thursday       5:30pm-6:30pm

Homeschool- Home school-Students experiment with various media including pencil, pastel, charcoal, clay, paper mache, and carving. Fundamentals of design, shading, perspective, value, and color theory are covered using additional media of watercolor, watercolor pencil, and acrylic.

Thursday 2:30pm-3:30pm
Additional classes are added based on demand.


Additional classes available upon request, contact Linda.

Daycare and Preschool classes available at your location, contact us.

Tuition, Fees, Terms and Conditions-check,cash, paypal friends$family-NO CREDIT CARDS

Supplies are used only by your student and are stored at the studio.You will only need to purchase replacement supplies when they are used, worn out, or lost by your students. 
Supply fees: 7th and up: $10 includes brushes, pencil, tortillion, eraser, and sharpie . 
                       1st-6th:         $15 includes brushes, pencil, tortillion, eraser, sharpie, oil pastels and watercolor paint-prang
                       prek-1st        $10 include brushes, pencil, eraser, sharpie, oil pastel, watercolor paint-crayola
Tuition is due at registration.  Tuition is prorated for students starting after the session begins.
         Payment options
1 hour weekly classes (16 per session) 4 payments $50 or 1 payment $184(save $16 per session)
          1 1/2 hour weekly classes (16 per session 4 payments $74 or 1 payment $272 (save $24 per session)

Terms and Conditions:  Photographs of student and artwork are taken periodically and used on our website and Facebook page, if this is not acceptable please contact us in writing.  If an absence is reported prior to class a make-up class can be scheduled during another regularly scheduled class during that session.  Your make-up class must be scheduled in current session and scheduled ahead to ensure that there is enough space for your child and that the scheduled class is not disrupted by accommodating your student.  There is no refund of missed classes.  If your child's schedule changes please contact us as soon as you are aware of conflict to help us place your child in another class.  Payment of tuition guarantees your student a place in our class, tuition is not refunded, and make ups are allowed during current session, if absence occurs at the end of the session, they may only be carried over if the student is registered for the upcoming session.