Adult Painting classes

Click the picture for adult registration form

Click the picture for adult registration form

Adult  classes are offered each week throughout the year. Classes cover the fundamentals of design and composition. We study line, value, color, shape, size, and direction. The principles used are unity, conflict, dominance, repetition, alternation, balance, harmony, and gradation.

Some classes are demonstration/paint alongs while in others adults work on their own projects independently with instructor guidance. Students may work on watercolor, pencil, color pencil, acrylic, oil or pastel.

Work is critiqued during each class; outside work may also be critiqued.

Class Times at Bein Gallery's Southlake Studio
           Wednesday 10am-12noon

Class Times at Watermere in Southlake
 Wednesday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Class Cost
          $20 each class student brings supplies
          $25 each class gallery provides supplies


Some samples of our student art work at the Bein Gallery's Southlake Studio and classes at Watermere.